Holing-through Achieved at Hongdoushan Tunnel on Dali-Lincang Railway

?Published:2020-07-31 ?【字體:??

  Recently, with the last blast sounding, Hongdoushan Tunnel, the key control project on Dali-Lincang Railway undertaken by China Railway No.10 Engineering Group Co., Ltd., was successfully holed through, which marked the successful completion of a tunnel with toxic and harmful gas difficulty that is first in China and rare in the world, laying a solid foundation for the early opening-to-traffic of Dali-Lincang Railway.

  With a total length of 10,616 m, Hongdoushan Tunnel is located along the Lancang River in Fengqing County and Yunxian County, Lincang City. With extremely complex geographical conditions, the long tunnel was identified with 8 kinds of toxic and harmful gases, strong water gushing, high ground temperature and long-section granite alteration.

  As a key project to improve the railway network in western China, Dali-Lincang Railway is under full-swing construction. Focusing on the goal of "100-Day Hardworking for Decisive Winning on Dali-Lincang Railway" set by China Railway Kunming Group Co., Ltd., all construction participants have worked overtime to catch up with the progress and push forward the remaining work. At present, 99% of the subgrade, 98% of the bridges and 98% of the tunnels on Dali-Lincang Railway have been completed, and all the work is progressing in an orderly manner according to the construction organization plan.

  With a total length of 202 km and a design speed of 160 km/h, Dali-Lincang Railway starts from Dali Station in the north and reaches Lincang City after crossing the Lancang River. Upon completion, Dali-Lincang Railway will reduce the trip time between Dali and Lincang to 1.5 hours (in comparison, the highway transport now takes 5 hours), ending the history of Lincang without railway connection and effectively improving the traffic pattern in central and western Yunnan. Dali-Lincang Railway will also play an active role in the interoperability between China and neighboring countries.